Hello and welcome!

Thankyou for reading this and i hope you might find some value from my ideas and information. I will keep it simple and as helpful as i can. I am sharing what i know and do, that's all, and by reading this and taking action it will help you make money online and improve your success in life!:)

Thanks again!

Greg De Tisi

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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Are you in GVO yet?

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Saturday, 31 October 2009

THE easiest way to earn online hands down check it!

Ok now we have all heard about so called simple ways to actually earn and let's face it we have all been let down by over hyped over promised crappy systems right! So let's throw those to one side right now and get real. First off people have become slightly immune to the b.s that is flying around so without further ado i want to share this with you right now. I have been using this system for a little over 8 months now and have found it to be quite simply THE easiest way to earn online and it keeps getting better.

You may of heard of this and you even may be promoting this. Have you heard of Tissa Godavitarne's Acme People Search? Well this offers you $125 just for signing up no quibbles then you get 8 streams of income inside the system including your very own unique people search site and by the way this is a HUGE NICHE today and also Gloal Domains International (GDI) and GVO the latest monster system endorsed by all the top leaders,Wealthy Affiliate University should you choose to join makes it simply a power house of integrity based lifelong income streams.

This is a smorgasboard of amazing programs which you can promote straight away. Now there is a fee of $29.95 per month after the first month BUT you will get this back and then some with the income you will get just by promoting your unique link. So actually it will cost you nothing and you will possess a monster business and monster income.

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

How to Drive MASSIVE Free Traffic to Any Website Or Squeezepage

This is really easy once you understand how to join it all together. Let me explain. There are many ways of getting free traffic to your main site, and the beauty is that you can connect them all together so that they all lead to your site. Let's take Twitter for example. Twitter leads back to your Blog which leads to your Youtube videos which leads to your articles. They can all connect to lead someone to a page where you have your offer or ideally your opt-in page. Why is this important? Well because once you capture their details you can then send them a ton of other offers etc.

Let's go back to the free stuff for now. If you are totally new to this then you will want to set up accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, blogger and join ezinearticles.com. Once you have done this then you need to build a relationship through stories you can tell about your chosen main subject. So if you want to get people to join your online business tell them how you got into it. You need to connect on an emotional level and then filter that into all of these free sources.

Once you begin to see the power of this you can easily create a ton of free traffic to your primary offer. So first of all set yourself up free accounts with all of the above sites that i named, and then become competent in each area and ensure that they all tie into eachother. Now you have your foundation to becoming your own unique brand where people can relate to you and they can compare themselves to you in some way so as to build your reputation and your e-mail list in an autoresponder.

This may take some time to become not only competent but reasonably professional in, however you are focusing on what your story is and how it got you where you now are. It doesn't really matter how successful you are right now but build a picture of yourself as a real person so as to connect. Can you see how this will get you a ton of free traffic?

The key thing here is to be yourself and just simply share with others the things you have been through to get you where you are now. People buy from people online not from a business unless it is a well established company which you probably can name right now:).

Ok so now is the time for you to begin your quest for greatness and you now have the foundation to do this for free. Start right now by joining these sites.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

3 Simple Ways to Secure Your Success Online

Simply Skillset, action and self belief are the three key ingredients to securing your success online. Why? Well let's start with Skillset. You have to know what you are doing in any area to be a success would you agree? If you were learning to become a racing driver would you just get into this ultra powerful car and drive off without some lessons from experts? Of course not right! So you must be prepared to learn what you want to be good in. With regards to the Home Business Niche you need to know many areas and be competent in those areas to be fully effective across the board. What can you do now to begin this journey?

Well I started following the Experts of course the guys who are actually making big money. See how they operate with regards to Writing e-mails, Marketing their offer, the appearance of their webpage and content within that page. Look at the fact that they use autoresponders to get return custom and build their list and the way they keep in touch with their customers with plenty of value and lot's more products to sell you. They will have a frontend product maybe something free like a report and after that they might offer you a membership to an exclusive club or a more expensive product. The Backend product might be $1900 or at least alot more than the first two. Can you see the idea here? So get good at what they are good at in all the relevant areas starting with the free and cheap ways of marketing for example. Don't get overwhelmed here just begin to learn one thing at a time.

Ok next is action. Now you and I both know that all the theory or knowledge in the world is useless without action. There is no secret to this magical component. Just get going on something that you can begin today. You may have a job already or you may have just lost a job so depending on what time you have with your day you need to put some time aside to start. The problem most people ever face is just that 'getting started'. Like i said there is no magic pill here just begin and as you learn and make some mistakes you gradually find yourself on course as things start to make more sense. Taking action is probably the single most important ingredient because many of the greats of our time have just begun on the most important task at hand to go on their voyage of discovery. So now you have read about Skillset and you know where you are going to begin with your successful online business now you can actually begin alright!;)

The last ingredient i am talking about here is self belief. Throughout time a great deal of amazing things have been discovered by pioneers of their field but also by people who just had the courage to believe. Having self belief is the in-tangible but essential key ingredient to accomplishing anything. Without this you could have the skills and take the action but if you say i may never get there then you may as well quit. I don't like to quit on something i believe in so maybe you shouldn't either. If you have a burning desire to follow your passion who's right is it to take that away from you? Only you can fail because of you. Once you realise you are 100% responsible for your thoughts and actions then you know that you can believe and achieve it. Sometimes it takes a bit of practice to get there like any new habit but why not let go of an old habit that doesn't serve you and replace it with this one?

Hopefully you now have a new skill to learn in your mind and now you have to take action coupled with self belief. I hand the torch over to you now but remember this, once the torch burns out there is no turning back my friend.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Why join Maverick Money Makers?

You and I have been spoon fed alot of hype and B.s about overnight riches right! I don't know about you but i get a little fed up with false promises because we get all excited and start to promote something only to learn that what we are doing isnt creating the results we want which is CASH! Ultimately we might want to help others aswell well i love doing that but essentially we want an income right so we can maybe leave the job or have freedom to choose what we do.

Now there are so many so called answers or solutions to these problems and i personally look at reviews in google of the products to see whether or not it is just a load of tripe and i have discovered that a hell of alot of so called systems are just money makers for the guys at the top and a few hardcore marketers.

In short i have over 3 years fulltime experience of searching and working online and i know what works and what is just another scam. I am not into hype and hard selling i just want to help others do what i do which is have the freedom and choice to live life on my terms. Let me tell you i have been up until the early hours of the morning getting more and more frustrated and times of sheer anger and feeling overwhelmed but i never quit becuae i knew what i wanted and now i am fortunate enough to live this way.

Now Maverick Money Makers The Club actually teaches you HOW to make money and is taught by a Millionaire Mentor called Mack Michaels. He is just a great guy who really doesn't need to work at all but he chooses to help others to succeed and now i want to do the same. Simply this sytem and training program is well worth a look because there is no risk what so ever so you can try it out for yourself and see what results you get. You do need to follow what he teaches of course because if you miss just one thing then that could be failure.

If you want a fulltime income online for the rest of your life then you owe it to yourself to take a look right now. I want to help you get to $11k+ per month starting from scratch. Now this may seem impossible to you but affiliates are earning this RIGHT NOW!

If you have read this far then you are serious about making a change in your life for the better of your future, so take 5 minutes now and see what this can offer you.

One last thing i want to mention is that Maverick Money Makers has been the top selling product on Clickbank for many weeks in a row. This is because it is a very good system indeed and it pays simple!;)

I wish you all the success in the world!:)

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

So what is L.U.C.K?

Well luck is termed "labour under correct knowledge"! But why? Because luck is really a residue from your efforts, people don't just get lucky for no reason. In life we create our own luck by virtue of the action we take coupled with the self belief we have that fuels our desires to manifest them into reality.

So how can you get lucky with your desires? Very simply by putting in the effort required to reach that particular goal. But here is the kicker, if you keep doing the same old stuff and getting the same old results then i would say you are doing something wrong right? Notice i said labour under CORRECT KNOWLEDGE! Right you have to focus on where you want to end up but ensure that you carefully follow the successful who have already done what you want to do.

You are going to make mistakes you are going to sometimes fail and get annoyed, you are going to feel like giving up many times but if you really know what the reward is going to be then you MUST keep on keeping on even when others doubt you or you feel deflated.

If you know that what you want is truly what will make you happy and that it is aligned with your life for the better good of yourself and others then you have nothing to think about except to take action. Once you begin with faith and massive action you will find many challenges occur of course but they are meant to be there and you just need to keep the momentum going!

Luck is what YOU make it literally. A design for life. So don't you owe it to yourself to be all that you were meant to be? Next time someone says that you are lucky, you can smile and say yes that's right I AM!:)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Have you heard of List-Ads?

Check out what Kenneth the owner/operator says about List-Ads.com.

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Monday, 17 August 2009

Are you new to Internet Marketing? Personally i would begin here!

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The Internet Marketing Success Formula Floored Me I have to tell you right off the bat, Soren Jordansen's Internet Marketing Success Formula knocked me for a loop when I got my finally got hands on his free 41 page e-book.

It's bursting at the seams with useful information Soren gleamed from his own experience and, more importantly, from conducting scientific surveys of internet marketers.
Basically, the average internet marketer is a new marketer who desperately wants to make enough money so they can quit their day jobbut has doesn't have the foggiest idea on how to actually go about doing so.

There is one startling finding that many seasoned marketers overlook, or just plain don't know, and it is from this fact that Soren lays out detailed proven tested step by step plan
This e-book is written for the new marketer or for any other marketer who is stuck and hasn't yet experienced success online.

When you can get right down to it, it's a roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty how to guide on starting a internet business from scratch.
Everything, and I mean everything, is covered from choosing a webhost, building a squeeze page, monetizing the list building process, how to set up a profit pulling email series and what types of affiliate programs convert the best while creating the trust and creditability.

The traffic generation system starts with methods that generate tons of free traffic immediately and progresses through more advanced and time consuming tactics as well as using paid traffic to build your business.

The only thing I wished Soren would have spent more time on was the chapter where he shows you how to take it to the next level. However, it's really for internet marketers who need to get their basic hands free affiliate system set up and running first.

Now, what make Soren's report stand head and shoulders above every other basic how to guide are the real life examples Soren is currently using in own business. He doesn't waste your time with fictional dog training case studies or other such nonsense.
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Sunday, 9 August 2009

~A comprehensive list of Safelists~

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Important pointers when using safelists. Always use a Googlemail account and get two accounts. One for setting up your safelist and another for receiving massive amounts of others e-mail offers. Use a powerful message in the subject line that is short snappy and to the point. e.g >FREE Report no Opt-in required! Or >Make $397 daily with no upfront costs! You need to believe in what you offer and mention some sort of proof inside the e-mail and keep it HYPE FREE! Cover all of the necessary facts and benefits of the product/service inside the e-mail. Imagine what you would be attracted by? Look at others e-mails to get ideas, also imagine you are talking to a friend about your offer what would you tell them? Finally it can be personal or comedic or serious and business like but ensure the subject line relates to the body of the e-mail. You are set!

3 things to remember when writing an e-mail is
1} What is the market you are aiming at and are you aiming at the right one?
2} How is the product creating an answer or solution to their problem?
3} Why are they going to choose your offer and not some else's offer in other words what makes you stand out from the crowd?

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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Are you in GDI? Have you made money with it yet? Read this!

What is GDI? GDI is Global Domains International. They are a company that help with the internet explosion of Domain name usage. This means that they provide people with new Domain names for their business. We are actually running short of Domain names globally due to millions of people who need them today, so it is a service provider which will be around for our lifetime.

Whether you are in GDI now or not the simple fact is that this business will pay you for life so you at least know that it is something worth building as soon as possible to secure your future. Whatever else you choose to do online this is really a no brainer. Now there are many many ways to promote this business and alot of various systems which claim to be the best way to build GDI. I can say that i am involved with 3 different systems to build GDI.

So if you are in GDI you are either doing very well already in which case i salute you and i wish you the very best wth your own system or, you are in GDI and havn't really made much money yet? If you are not in GDI yet then recommend you go here and join through this link!


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That's enough from me because i am not one to harp on about things but i will let the system speak for itself ok! Feel free to contact myself with any questions you have but i think that you will find EXACTLY what you require inside this site.

Questions? no spam please!:) >gregdtc1@googlemail.com

I look forward to you getting success online and now you have the perfect system to do this. You really have nothing to lose here and a very profitable thing to gain. Over to you my friend.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

List Building and Ad Tracking! Are you doing it yet?

First off it is important to know that you can be very successful by promoting other peoples products! In-fact if you don't need all of the hassel of trying to produce and launching your own products then that is fine but it is still very important to know where all of your efforts are going if you are an Affiliate. This is where Hitsconnect comes in because it will keep tabs on how many hits you get through which ever type of advertising you are using, so you know what is actually working and what isn't! If you decide to start promoting your own stuff however then List building and giving away reports or e-books to build that list is vital and it is also vital to tie in that customer for future products and services so you want them to buy/join you so start an autresoresponder campaign today. The neat thing with these products is that you can earn with them aswell just by promoting your unique affiliate link when you join!

Hitsconnect Tracks your ads for you so you know where your efforts are coming from. Have you heard of the Pareto principle? This Italian chap Mr Pareto coined the 80/20 rule. What he discovered in the 1800's is that 20% of all your efforts get 80% of all of your results. So you need to know where your 20% of marketing is effective right!:) I can't stress enough the importance of knowing where you are being effective because it will save you money, time, and your hair (if you have any!:() Alot of people quit because they get no results but why quit when you can just manage an monitor what you do?

Hitsconnect Takes the guesswork out Tracking your Ads!

Two top autoresponder services which are vital to growing your online empire. Basicly you want to maintain your relationship with your customers where you can build trust and they come back again and again. The best way to do this is to get an autoresponder so that you can keep sending an E-mail series to them thus keeping their custom. Think about it like this! If you buy some groceries and the shop wants you to come back again they keep offering you discounts and value on their quality goods right! It's just the same. Keep them coming back by offering them free e-books, reports and free advice.

The best part is that all of these services have numerous articles and training tips inside so even if you don't know anything about where to begin then you can ask them questions by sending tickets to admin and reading as much as you can in the sites.:)

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Trafficwave Affiliate program pays 4 ways!

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Aweber Autoresponder service and Affiliate program

All the knowledge in the world is useless without? (This Also Includes Niche ideas and Newbie tutorials!)

Applying it of course!

Do i need to write anything more about it? Well it's true because we all know people who know stuff but unless they have actual tangible results of what they know then it means nothing. Why is this important? Simply because which ever business you are in, you need to apply what you know and stand and watch the results of your work. Ask any of the successful few. They know that applying the knowledge is where the results come from. Take action on what you know.

If you want to start to improve yourself (which is a good place to start for most of us!) then you want to clearly learn as much as you can across your life span and implement those values actions and principles. Without applying the knowledge it is like having a Ferrari with no fuel. In theory it looks like it could do the job but without the correct intake of fuel and starting the engine what use is it? Put in the correct fuel and drive the car!

Taking the internet as another example. There are so many new things happening online that it changes on a daily basis with Web 1.0 web 2.0 web 3.0 and a load of other new and amazing improvements occuring it's enough to make your head spin. So i would suggest that you take an area where you need to become more competent and focus on that area with the goal of applying what you have learned.

Important thing is ensure what you learn is relevant for where you want the rewards. You can learn a whole load of stuff but it might not be relevant today. Start focusing today on what is really important to your growth in the area you have chosen. Another thing worth knowing is that you can outsource alot of your business efforts to professionals which can be very efficient to your time. If you would rather focus on A then give B to the expert. You just need to know where you can accomplish tasks and where you would be better off saving alot of time heartache and wasted money by passing it to an expert.

If you are trying to make money online then read some of the free reports i have listed on the right. There is a wealth of information by top guys in the business which will help you.

Check this out! Michael Cobb's NEW Internet Business Tutorials! This simple training series will have you becoming an expert in no time. JOIN FREE NOW! You will find lots of great pre-written emails,banners, and other promotional tools in the"Affiliate Toolbox" section of your members area. GO GET IT before he start's charging!:()


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Friday, 26 June 2009

Making Mistakes is good don't feel bad about it!

The only way we can learn in life is by making mistakes and sometimes looking stupid! That is ok because how else are we gonna learn how to do things? The problem with society is that we are afraid to take risks because we might look foolish. I can tell you i have made many and people have laughed at me too but do you think i care? No not at all because i know that first off i have the courage to try new things and step out of my comfort zone and secondly the more mistakes i make the closer i get to success, make sense?

Just remember that when we were small we made plenty of mistakes and sometimes we just brushed it off and tried again and other times someone might of said 'oh that was silly' but we survived and got on with life, it is no different now we can try things and feel good about it. We must not let the past experiences of mistakes and failures dominate our adult life.

Do something today that you have been putting off for fear of looking stupid. If it is something which can improve your life then what is there to fear really?

There are many things in life that we don't do and then we get old and regret things, but i am just saying you can try things and if it doesnt work then you are no worse off than before you attempted it right! Life is for living not existing. Try something new today and see what happens!:)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Are you totally LOST, FED UP with B>S or FALSE PROMISES of online wealth?

If you are any of these then i can understand exactly where you are. I have lost money been lied to and given false hope of overnight riches! Sound familiar? Well there is alot of hype out there and i am passionate about helping others steer clear of the crap quite frankly. In our current climate things are tight and people are in alot of fear. This is not good because there is plenty around for everyone it's just discovering how to find it. I want you to know that i am not only an honest trustworthy normal guy but i care about your future.

This is not some joke or nor do i want anything from you so don't worry. What i do want however is to help you to learn how to make money one step at a time. You need to gain a good skillset in the area in which you want to make money. I have found that positive thinking alone is not enough so you must be prepared to learnand take action. That is the first thing but i am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be really hard at all either.

What i am prepared to do is answer any questions you might have to the best of my ability and if don't know the answer i will try and find it (well i will learn more aswell right!) What i want to do is to be a good listener to you and i will point you in the direction of someone who knows what i don't if i can't find the answer!:)

I want you to have a good future online simple.

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Monday, 1 June 2009

Self DevelopmentCREATES>Self knowledgeCREATES>Self Worth=YOUR VALUE

What does this mean? It means that If you invest in yourself you will create your unique value to bring to the world market place which in turn will give you anything you want! This means you can create all the abundance you have ever dreamed of FACT ask any truly successful person!

So start working on the things above and you will find that your value is not only great but has always been in YOU! Do you get this? It is really simple isn't it!

Figure out what area you are great in and you can then start to work on improving your area of purpose, and then you will find a magic thing starts to happen. Don't allow others to take your potential away instead focus on what truly matters to you. I think you know already what that is! Am I right?

Take this information and start moving towards what you know is at your core. Your value to bring to the world is unique to you! It's only by serving others in some way will we find we will be truly happy in our lives. Get to work and notice who you really are! Your past does not equal your future so start creating the future you actually want.

Today is the day you can begin to unleash your true potential!:)

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Here is to your Successful future!;)

Thursday, 28 May 2009

FREE people search site! Is there anyone you need to find?

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Happy searching!:)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Self Development is the key to your success

That's right! The more you become the more you will earn! Learning is the purpose of living life and expanding your knowledge is the way to do it. If you want to become the best or become a high achiever or high earner you must invest first in yourself. Don't go looking outward for the answer to your dreams look inward. What do you really want in life? Read my post about Helping yourself! My advice would be to become knowledgable in the area you most have a passion for. Let's say you want to become an online entrepreneur ok, well first off you need to copy what the successful few do. This isn't about re-writing the record books it is simply about copying someone who has what you want.

I struggled for many years getting frustrated with myself only to realise that i was the answer. Once i began to develop my awareness and look to those who had achieved greatness i began to get better results with what i did. Read books about great people, listen to audios and go to seminars when you can and watch how your full potential unfolds in front of your very eyes. Personal development is really about educating yourself so that you can be all that you were suppossed to be. Don't waste your life doing what you hate when you can start right now to make changes.

I have found that once you break down your goals into realistic measurable goals and steadily increasing them as you get more success you will begin to reach them. Success breeds success! You have to firstly believe in yourself and realise that you can do anything you set your mind to. Why not begin by reading some of the books i mentioned, and you might want to check the site below?

It really is down you just deciding in this moment that you are worth more than you currently think. Make that decision to taking control of your life and harnessing the power you already have within you, then you will find that success finds you.

Find your passion and nuture it until it becomes you, then you will find that the source of true happiness lies within you and is waiting to be revealed to the world.:) Finally make a deal with yourself that who you were yesterday doesn't have to be the same as the new improved successful you of today!

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TIP: When writing an article try to write around 10 on your primary business/offer and write around 400 words. Use Google keyword tool to find good keywords which alot of people are looking at. Use your keywords in every couple of sentances for example, if you write an article about Dog Training maybe the title could be 'Training your dog in 7 easy steps' So you would find the main key words there are Training your dog! Right so use those three words in every couple of sentences and you will get more views to your article and if your URL is at the bottom that means more people clicking on your offer! Remember to keep your article as information and not selling an offer! This is important because you want to build trust ok!

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Don't wish things were easier wish you were better!

I am sorry to say that but it's true! I have spent many years wishing that things were easier and that maybe the world was against me. We all feel sometimes like bad things only happen to us right! It is actually your internal dialogue which is very often giving you your supposed reality but, infact it is not real and we have just decided to believe certain things to support our view of the world. Once we recognise that what we have been telling ourselves is actually not true then we can begin to make changes. Sure positive stuff about ourselves is good as long as it's healthy, but it must be lasting positivity.

The only reason that we feel bad is simply because we have feelings of course but we don't need alot of the self limiting feelings. I am here to say to you that you can achieve anything you desire. Now you are probably saying I know or I don't think so! That is what you choose to believe right! What i am saying is that what you chose to believe in the past has led you to this point in your life right now! So in order for your future to be what you really want it to be you must believe in yourself and learn to educate yourself in the area in which you want to excel.

Life can be really be all that you want it to be. First of all though you must believe and then take action. There is a solution to every problem so it's just a matter of lovingly asking yourself questions that can aid you in your current problem. Talk to yourself as if you are talking to a child. Be understanding, loving and believe in yourself.

Now that you believe in yourself it's time to take action. Skillset is the key word when we are talking about being more! If there is something you want to be the best in or, at least a professional, then you need to focus on one area of the chosen future. For example if you want millions working online then you need to first of all become very good at a specific area like blogging or article writing, and when you have your level of skill at an acceptable level then you can start to focus on another area within the online arena. Become the expert in your field and the money will start to fly towards you. Remember also that if there is someone whom you respect in the area you want to be in, then copy them and do what they do! It really is that simple!

You really can have anything you want in life if you just realise that you can achieve it! Nothing is impossible ok!;)

I challenge you to make a list of the things you are already good at and then have a deep look at what it is that you really want to do be or have. Have an appreciation for your unique self! Use the tools you already have and move forward with the confidence that is already inside of you, I believe in you so isn't it time you did?

Which books have helped me?

Well i can say that many books helped me in many ways but that doesn't help you does it!:( So here are the most inspirational books that have actually changed my life and improved my income.

Jack Canfield 'The Success Principles'! This guy is outstanding! A true motivator and worldclass leader and all round great guy. He explains in very simple terms exactly how to become a success and how he did it. You need this book plain and simple!

Ewen Chia 'How i made my first million on the internet'! A wonderful guy and a real gem of a book. Get this book because it will tell you in simple terms how to become wealthy online a must read, it is well worth $15.

Napolean Hill ' Think and Grow rich'! What more can i say about this but it is pure genius, it will change your thinking totally and shift your awareness to becoming a success in whatever you chose to do. A timeless classic, go get it!

Robert Kiyosaki 'Rich Dad poor Dad'! Robert explains exactly in very simple terms how earning money with a job versus earning through your own business can be very different and it breaks down how to understand what assets are and what expenses are! An essential read for anyone!

Tony Robbins 'Notes from a friend'! Tony Robbins is a world leader in Motivation and self development and it shows! This easy to read small book will charge you full of power and self belief and you will be unstoppable in whatever you choose to do! Get it!

I will add other books to this list from time to time!

Help others and help yourself! Find your purpose!

In this i want to share with you ideas and create a synergy between us likeminded types. Now first off i am not going to get all weird with big words and flowery titles, or use techy stuff that alot of people don't understand! No i am going to be straight to the point and down to earth honest. Ok good that clears that up!:) So let's begin on this journey of quantum discovery and enlightenment, no no no Greg stop! Sorry! I believe that we are here to serve others, that is it short and simple! Make sense? Well it should do because if we want success we must search ourselves to find out how we will do that! Do you realise that by helping others you help yourself? Yes/No? Ok so now we have cleared that up, how on earth do you find your thing? You know what it is that you love to do or are very good at?

It is probably more obvious than you think! I beleive that once you discover what that is and implement certain actions to evolve your thing then you will start to truly become a very happy person! See alot of mass unhappiness in this world which is frankly an epidemic is because of stress and fast living. Higher expetancy from employers and unrealistic targets set by governments! Wouldn't you agree? So in order to find true happiness you need to truly find what makes you happy! So i challenge you to go away and spend 10 to 15 minutes thinking about what your thing is! It might be easy or it might not be! Either way the sooner you start to discover your amazing skills you will feel a weight lifting from your shoulders!

This is the beginning of your major life change into true happiness! I will leave it there for now but without being too deep, this discovery will lead to your 'divine purpose'! I said about not using anything other than down to earth words and phrases but sometimes it is neccessary to go a bit deeper! Your divine purpose is why you are here! (in my opinion!) Ok so go and do that exercise or don't! It is your choice! If you are very happy and content with your current situation then good i am sincerely glad for you!

Finally once you have found what you are very good at then you can narrow it down and you will probably realise that as a kid you used to do it then maybe? Whatever you do right now is fine but just know that your perfect life is waiting for you to go to it! You deserve to be happy in life so you must ACT NOW and start to put the building blocks together so you can prepare for getting what you really want ok!:)

Stop falling for the next best business opportunity!

That's right i said stop it now! I know how tempting it can be to fall into the trap of the next promise of Thousands of dollars but it just won't happen overnight. I think it is only worth joining a business if it truly offers a solution to your problems and if it has a great Marketing system and compensation plan, also you need to apply the right advertising to it! You need to realise that you need a good understanding of how to Market and Advertise your offer aswell, and once you find a product/system worth promoting which you believe in then you can begin to focus on different types of methods to expose the program to an audience!

I have spent three years online trying to make money and also testing different systems and i have found that unless you can see that a program offers great value to the buyer in terms of return and leverage then it just won't pay you. What you need to do is create solutions to problems, that is the answer here. Here is a saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention"! Now this means that all kinds of problems need a solution. This solution might be money or weight loss or playing an instrument. Do you see where i am going? I know that you could spend a fortune on advertising methods and lose it all with no returns so you must look at what is going on and decide what you think will really help people in their lives!

Keep things simple because it doesen't have to get complicated. There are many free reports and goodies from more seasoned marketers that can really help you to gain more understanding of your nuts and bolts basic knowledge. Ask yourself what do you think might help others in these current times and look at market trends as they change.

Find something you believe in and with your heart sell that thing and promote it to a targeted audience and you will soon be making a good income online.

I have made many mistakes and i would rather you didn't so if you want to make money now and not in two years time then i suggest you focus on what's working for others and just copy!

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Monday, 13 April 2009

I lost money online. Now i make it!

Everyday thousands of people are struggling to make ends meat in this world. It is especially diffucult nowadays with the loss of much employment globally, and this has added alot of stress to the lives of many. We are all feeling the bite of these troubled times but there are solutions to many problems. If you are reading this you are probably wondering what i can offer you in terms of value to your needs or more specifically your money problems! Well i have lost thousands of dollars trying to find solutions myself, and i had no help so struggled along and got more grey hairs in the process! I discovered that working online is quite simply the best business to be in for the future and believe me i have tried many other ways to earn.

I have been scammed quite a bit but i also have learned some timeless lessons of wisdom too. Firstly i know that with hard work and determination you can find ways to make money online. Fortunately i am now earning online. Now i believe you can too! Yes i do because it really is alot simpler than one may think.

As long as you learn something from the money you lose in the beginning then i think you have paid for a lesson which is fine. However I don't want you to lose $1,000's of dollars like i did so i am giving you a head start in this business and just sharing what works for me.

How do i now earn? By promoting systems and products that i believe in, that's it plain and simple! Ok i have read alot of books and read alot of reports from successful people which i think is key to your future success but ask yourself what you want in life. If you have many programs to promote then i suggest you narrow it down to the ones you really believe in and select those then focus on one at a time for several days using free and cheap methods of advertising like Traffic Exchanges, Safelists and Social network videos like Youtube. You can also write a blog like this and write some articles on Ezinearticles.com.

You can start to earn very soon from now with some of my recommended products and systems on the right hand side! The information that i have given you is what i do and i get amazing results, you just need to take action now!:)