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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Building your online business from scratch

When you start off it can seem like so much to learn how to set your business up that it might be easier to get a job right? Well not for me! I would rather take massive action and even fail a few times to get what i want in life. Maybe you don't have the patience or the time/money to do this. Well guess what, neither did I! Or so i thought! What i am saying is that you can surprise yourself with what you can learn and set up as you begin to unravel the various areas you need to become professional in. I have struggled and for years I could have given up but i didn't because i knew that it was worth the hard work. It all depends on what you actually want from life. I mean what is more crazy, working in a job you hate all your life or trying to get what you want by taking risks and embracing change? I think it is so much more an adventure to try and live actually how you want to live RIGHT?

Don't miss out on living life because of fear or what others might say or risking a lousy job. Now we all need money to survive so keep at the job and put a little to one side to invest into your own business. Exicting huh! Don't think that it is all too much because you will be underselling yourself for the sake of your job/lifestyle. Ask yourself what you actually want and what you want to sell. Create solutions for people's problems, that's all anyone is trying to do.

There are many things to learn if you want to work online. This is no walk in the park,you have to learn the business like anything, it will all be worth it when you make a good living from your laptop whilst sunning it up in Barbados though!:)

I am here to share with you what you already have. Take what you have and apply it to what you want. If you want to make a good living from home then take your passion in life and then apply that to a business. So find what it is you love then sell it with confidence and people will buy from you because you actually believe in what you do. Simple really isn't it!

Start today by making some video's on Yotube. Create your brand and then hook up to Facebook and Twitter. Ensure that you only add valuable content and join relevant people and groups. Position yourself as an expert and as your exposure increases so will your name. Feel free to check out my sites to the right and follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Check out what groups i joined. Study others whom you respect and want to emulate. Begin by connecting up the pieces with Social Media now and start a free blog with blogger or wordpress. If you need help setting them up contact me and I can help you. Start your first blog post. Start writing simple but honest articles over at ezinearticles.com. All you need to do is be yourself and you are already good at that right!:)

Get going on this!

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