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Monday, 10 November 2008

Success tips for the online newbie

Hello! I want to make this as simple as possible because that is exactly what i wanted in the beginning. I would like to share some of the information that i have learned and mistakes i have made over the years. When you are searching online for a business to get you out of your job, be very careful that you don't become taken in by every offer you see. There is alot of rubbish out there and alot of fancy websites promising to make you a millionaire overnight. It is highly unlikely that you will find the magic pill that will answer all of your financial problems overnight.

Think about what type of work you want to do for example affiliate marketing, or producing your own products, or maybe starting a membership site. There are many helpful articles out there to assist you in some of your primary decisions when entering this world. If you start producing your own products i can recommend getting Charles Ryders FREE Cd entitled Income cloner. Here he describes in full detail how and where to begin when starting out producing your own products and to making at least $100k per year.

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What can you do now? Start a blog and start writing posts about your interests or passion, also write articles to expose your knowledge and add your blog URL to the bottom of the article. Join the affiliate sites that you want to promote and also relate to your blog whilst ensuring that you believe in the product. Start using free or cheap advertising like Traffic Exchanges and start using safelists using free mailings or solo ads in the safelists. You can also use free classified sites and make Youtube videos to expose your opportunities and gain exposure for yourself. Some Affiliate sites pay great commissions like Clickbank products and some let you build downlines to increase your credits/income, like Safelists and Traffic Exchanges.

What can i recommend? Promote Clickbank products that you have tried yourself and interest you. You can promote them through a related blog or just promoting the affiliate link everywhere. One Business I decided to promote was GDI (Global Domains International!) Because I realised that the world needs more Domain names so therefore I can promote this company by building a downline and creating an income stream. I believe that it creates a solution for many people out there. 3CM is a great free system to promote GDI as well as promoting other affiliate products because by promoting 3CM you build several downlines through this one system, this is run by Dan Weaver (great guy!). Trafficwave is a great affiliate site to promote because you can build your list using the tools inside and make money presenting it to others. Anything by Ewen Chia is worth a look because this guy is a super affiliate and he sincerely wants you to succeed aswell.

Affiliate products in Clickbank pay amazing commissions and you can get your FREE Clickbank CB Globe site on the right where you can promote 10,000 clickbank products through one website and it's totally free plus you can build a downline at the same time.

I know this can be alot to take in and if you have any problems with any of this then look at one thing at a time and get familiar with it or e-mail me at gregdtc1@googlemail.com! The very best thing you can do right now is TAKE ACTION! It doesn't matter what you know what matters is that you begin TODAY!

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Ok before you go check out some of the useful links on the right and see if they can help you, they have definately helped me!:)