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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Teach > Share > Build

This is so simple really. Think about it. What are most people trying to find? They are trying to find a solution as i said before. SO Provide them with the information they need. Start to teach what you know and become somewhat of an expert in your field. The more videos and articles you produce the more you will be reaching the wider audience and Google and other top sites will rank you higher and higher thus promoting you with little effort from yourself. Plus it will cost you very little to do this. Become a teacher in the area you have some knowledge in and just simply share what you know and this in turn WILL build your business and YOU will become hunted for your knowledge. Some people call it attraction marketing or magnetic sponsoring but whatever you want to call it, you will get alot more interest in YOU.

Don't chase money GIVE valuable content and then the money will flood in. Attraction marketing is exactly this. People will seek to join you and be e-mailing you or whatever it takes to get in your team or buy from you. Isn't it simple really!:)

Get out there now and start to make some really simple video's and go to ezinearticles .com and just start to write about what you already know. Don't be scared of sharing or of giving away valuable information because this is where people will turn to you. I can write something in 10 minutes just sharing what i know it really is easy and then i can watch as people come to me for more information EVEN BEFORE they have joined my business. Great huh! Don't make it hard for yourself get out there and begin to make your mark.