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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Being true to yourself will give you massive wealth

Have you ever heard of an extremely successful person in our world that is world famous and that is a promoter of crappy products? No of course not. The reason being is that when true success happens is when people are true to themselves with what they choose to do on a daily basis. Self mastery is one of the main areas that you have to focus on to get clear on what it that you are all about. Get to know who you are and why you want what it that you want. So finding your truth in life is comparible to switching on a light switch. It's a eureka moment for many. It really is as simple as this, focus on what you love to do and find a way of being a provider of that passion.

Get clear and get started to taking the action that you have to take. Don't go through life with the mindset that you could have done this or done that. In the back of your mind you will know what it is that you are supposed to do here on earth. Now if it is working online then in what area? What could you do that will help others whilst you make an income from your services? You might find that behind the ego lies the true self? What do I mean by that? We all have excuses for not doing things and usually the answer lies within, as we are frightened to get hurt or have fear or failure thus denting our ego.

Failure is a part of the whole process and without some obstacles then we would simply have nothing to gauge our journey against. What ever it is that is stopping you is usually just your perspective of your situation combined with past struggles. You must put this behind like you would a cloak and allow your true self to step forward into the light and into the truth of you.

We are only lieing to ourselves when we put off what it is that we really want to do, be or have. Stop putting things off and reveal yourself from behind your cloak to show the world what your unique value is. Then the world will see the true you that is all you can be. For me I wanted the time to be myself and to be free and have choices. What does this mean for you and what things do you want to do in life that you may never do if you don't be true?

Here's what I love. Art and painting,Fishing,reading and learning,Woodwork,Making music,walking,travelling,helping others,writing,being healthier,learning languages,and giving back to my community. Etc Etc...

What is it you love to do??