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Thankyou for reading this and i hope you might find some value from my ideas and information. I will keep it simple and as helpful as i can. I am sharing what i know and do, that's all, and by reading this and taking action it will help you make money online and improve your success in life!:)

Thanks again!

Greg De Tisi

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Self Development is the key to your success

That's right! The more you become the more you will earn! Learning is the purpose of living life and expanding your knowledge is the way to do it. If you want to become the best or become a high achiever or high earner you must invest first in yourself. Don't go looking outward for the answer to your dreams look inward. What do you really want in life? Read my post about Helping yourself! My advice would be to become knowledgable in the area you most have a passion for. Let's say you want to become an online entrepreneur ok, well first off you need to copy what the successful few do. This isn't about re-writing the record books it is simply about copying someone who has what you want.

I struggled for many years getting frustrated with myself only to realise that i was the answer. Once i began to develop my awareness and look to those who had achieved greatness i began to get better results with what i did. Read books about great people, listen to audios and go to seminars when you can and watch how your full potential unfolds in front of your very eyes. Personal development is really about educating yourself so that you can be all that you were suppossed to be. Don't waste your life doing what you hate when you can start right now to make changes.

I have found that once you break down your goals into realistic measurable goals and steadily increasing them as you get more success you will begin to reach them. Success breeds success! You have to firstly believe in yourself and realise that you can do anything you set your mind to. Why not begin by reading some of the books i mentioned, and you might want to check the site below?

It really is down you just deciding in this moment that you are worth more than you currently think. Make that decision to taking control of your life and harnessing the power you already have within you, then you will find that success finds you.

Find your passion and nuture it until it becomes you, then you will find that the source of true happiness lies within you and is waiting to be revealed to the world.:) Finally make a deal with yourself that who you were yesterday doesn't have to be the same as the new improved successful you of today!

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Twitter is a recent addition to social networking and everyone is talking about it. This can be a very good platform to expose yourself and brand who you are. Now this is very good because it builds trust and honesty with your followers because they can see who you are and what you do. I would personally get an account as it's completly free and start to follow people whom you respect and you will soon start to build up alot of followers. It is important however to add value to the site by giving and sharing information. You can learn alot from others aswell but don't just advertise your offers on there because it just looks amateurish.

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You can also make basic videos for YouTube, and MySpace. If you have windows moviemaker you can easily make a video and send it to Youtube it is a very simple tool to use, oh and don't worry about how you look just go for it (i'm sure your face will look fine!:). Facebook is the most exposed site on earth so it would certainly be a good idea to get an account and build a network of friends on it. Facebook also has ad's running down the side which are quite expensive but exposed to millions so it might pay to try one once in a while I hear they get alot of very good results!

Trafficwave is an amazing system where you can use an autoresponder service whereby when someone enters there name and e-mail into your business they opt-in to your business and once they do that they will then receive a series of further e-mails written by you to entice them to join your business. Trafficwave offers many other amazing features to help you build your business/list. You can also earn an income with Trafficwave with their Affiliate Program, great huh! You can explore Trafficwave by watching all of their training videos and reading the articles on the site.

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E-zine advertising is where you place your ad in a highly exposed e-zine. Can you see how this could be very good for your results because alot of people pass through well known e-zine's and they might just see your ad. There is an E-zine Directory called unsurprisingly 'The Directory of E-zines, and you can find many different E-zine's to promote your offer there. You can place solo ads in E-zine's too, but beware they can cost alot because of the competition. Ezine Articles.com is amazing because you can write as many articles as you wish on your favourite subject and get them seen by thousands. The great thing is that you are giving value to the reader and if you place your business link at the bottom then they might just Opt-in to your offer. Remember to add value when writing the Article.

TIP: When writing an article try to write around 10 on your primary business/offer and write around 400 words. Use Google keyword tool to find good keywords which alot of people are looking at. Use your keywords in every couple of sentances for example, if you write an article about Dog Training maybe the title could be 'Training your dog in 7 easy steps' So you would find the main key words there are Training your dog! Right so use those three words in every couple of sentences and you will get more views to your article and if your URL is at the bottom that means more people clicking on your offer! Remember to keep your article as information and not selling an offer! This is important because you want to build trust ok!

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Well i hope this helped a little but you can explore all of these methods in greater detail by getting accounts with some of them or by e-mailing myself at gregdtc1@googlemail.com. Oh just one more thing! They say that if you copy successful people you can become a success, well, Check out Mike Filsaime's report about the tools he uses to make millions, this is gold and is a must read get your copy.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Don't wish things were easier wish you were better!

I am sorry to say that but it's true! I have spent many years wishing that things were easier and that maybe the world was against me. We all feel sometimes like bad things only happen to us right! It is actually your internal dialogue which is very often giving you your supposed reality but, infact it is not real and we have just decided to believe certain things to support our view of the world. Once we recognise that what we have been telling ourselves is actually not true then we can begin to make changes. Sure positive stuff about ourselves is good as long as it's healthy, but it must be lasting positivity.

The only reason that we feel bad is simply because we have feelings of course but we don't need alot of the self limiting feelings. I am here to say to you that you can achieve anything you desire. Now you are probably saying I know or I don't think so! That is what you choose to believe right! What i am saying is that what you chose to believe in the past has led you to this point in your life right now! So in order for your future to be what you really want it to be you must believe in yourself and learn to educate yourself in the area in which you want to excel.

Life can be really be all that you want it to be. First of all though you must believe and then take action. There is a solution to every problem so it's just a matter of lovingly asking yourself questions that can aid you in your current problem. Talk to yourself as if you are talking to a child. Be understanding, loving and believe in yourself.

Now that you believe in yourself it's time to take action. Skillset is the key word when we are talking about being more! If there is something you want to be the best in or, at least a professional, then you need to focus on one area of the chosen future. For example if you want millions working online then you need to first of all become very good at a specific area like blogging or article writing, and when you have your level of skill at an acceptable level then you can start to focus on another area within the online arena. Become the expert in your field and the money will start to fly towards you. Remember also that if there is someone whom you respect in the area you want to be in, then copy them and do what they do! It really is that simple!

You really can have anything you want in life if you just realise that you can achieve it! Nothing is impossible ok!;)

I challenge you to make a list of the things you are already good at and then have a deep look at what it is that you really want to do be or have. Have an appreciation for your unique self! Use the tools you already have and move forward with the confidence that is already inside of you, I believe in you so isn't it time you did?

Which books have helped me?

Well i can say that many books helped me in many ways but that doesn't help you does it!:( So here are the most inspirational books that have actually changed my life and improved my income.

Jack Canfield 'The Success Principles'! This guy is outstanding! A true motivator and worldclass leader and all round great guy. He explains in very simple terms exactly how to become a success and how he did it. You need this book plain and simple!

Ewen Chia 'How i made my first million on the internet'! A wonderful guy and a real gem of a book. Get this book because it will tell you in simple terms how to become wealthy online a must read, it is well worth $15.

Napolean Hill ' Think and Grow rich'! What more can i say about this but it is pure genius, it will change your thinking totally and shift your awareness to becoming a success in whatever you chose to do. A timeless classic, go get it!

Robert Kiyosaki 'Rich Dad poor Dad'! Robert explains exactly in very simple terms how earning money with a job versus earning through your own business can be very different and it breaks down how to understand what assets are and what expenses are! An essential read for anyone!

Tony Robbins 'Notes from a friend'! Tony Robbins is a world leader in Motivation and self development and it shows! This easy to read small book will charge you full of power and self belief and you will be unstoppable in whatever you choose to do! Get it!

I will add other books to this list from time to time!

Help others and help yourself! Find your purpose!

In this i want to share with you ideas and create a synergy between us likeminded types. Now first off i am not going to get all weird with big words and flowery titles, or use techy stuff that alot of people don't understand! No i am going to be straight to the point and down to earth honest. Ok good that clears that up!:) So let's begin on this journey of quantum discovery and enlightenment, no no no Greg stop! Sorry! I believe that we are here to serve others, that is it short and simple! Make sense? Well it should do because if we want success we must search ourselves to find out how we will do that! Do you realise that by helping others you help yourself? Yes/No? Ok so now we have cleared that up, how on earth do you find your thing? You know what it is that you love to do or are very good at?

It is probably more obvious than you think! I beleive that once you discover what that is and implement certain actions to evolve your thing then you will start to truly become a very happy person! See alot of mass unhappiness in this world which is frankly an epidemic is because of stress and fast living. Higher expetancy from employers and unrealistic targets set by governments! Wouldn't you agree? So in order to find true happiness you need to truly find what makes you happy! So i challenge you to go away and spend 10 to 15 minutes thinking about what your thing is! It might be easy or it might not be! Either way the sooner you start to discover your amazing skills you will feel a weight lifting from your shoulders!

This is the beginning of your major life change into true happiness! I will leave it there for now but without being too deep, this discovery will lead to your 'divine purpose'! I said about not using anything other than down to earth words and phrases but sometimes it is neccessary to go a bit deeper! Your divine purpose is why you are here! (in my opinion!) Ok so go and do that exercise or don't! It is your choice! If you are very happy and content with your current situation then good i am sincerely glad for you!

Finally once you have found what you are very good at then you can narrow it down and you will probably realise that as a kid you used to do it then maybe? Whatever you do right now is fine but just know that your perfect life is waiting for you to go to it! You deserve to be happy in life so you must ACT NOW and start to put the building blocks together so you can prepare for getting what you really want ok!:)

Stop falling for the next best business opportunity!

That's right i said stop it now! I know how tempting it can be to fall into the trap of the next promise of Thousands of dollars but it just won't happen overnight. I think it is only worth joining a business if it truly offers a solution to your problems and if it has a great Marketing system and compensation plan, also you need to apply the right advertising to it! You need to realise that you need a good understanding of how to Market and Advertise your offer aswell, and once you find a product/system worth promoting which you believe in then you can begin to focus on different types of methods to expose the program to an audience!

I have spent three years online trying to make money and also testing different systems and i have found that unless you can see that a program offers great value to the buyer in terms of return and leverage then it just won't pay you. What you need to do is create solutions to problems, that is the answer here. Here is a saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention"! Now this means that all kinds of problems need a solution. This solution might be money or weight loss or playing an instrument. Do you see where i am going? I know that you could spend a fortune on advertising methods and lose it all with no returns so you must look at what is going on and decide what you think will really help people in their lives!

Keep things simple because it doesen't have to get complicated. There are many free reports and goodies from more seasoned marketers that can really help you to gain more understanding of your nuts and bolts basic knowledge. Ask yourself what do you think might help others in these current times and look at market trends as they change.

Find something you believe in and with your heart sell that thing and promote it to a targeted audience and you will soon be making a good income online.

I have made many mistakes and i would rather you didn't so if you want to make money now and not in two years time then i suggest you focus on what's working for others and just copy!

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Monday, 13 April 2009

I lost money online. Now i make it!

Everyday thousands of people are struggling to make ends meat in this world. It is especially diffucult nowadays with the loss of much employment globally, and this has added alot of stress to the lives of many. We are all feeling the bite of these troubled times but there are solutions to many problems. If you are reading this you are probably wondering what i can offer you in terms of value to your needs or more specifically your money problems! Well i have lost thousands of dollars trying to find solutions myself, and i had no help so struggled along and got more grey hairs in the process! I discovered that working online is quite simply the best business to be in for the future and believe me i have tried many other ways to earn.

I have been scammed quite a bit but i also have learned some timeless lessons of wisdom too. Firstly i know that with hard work and determination you can find ways to make money online. Fortunately i am now earning online. Now i believe you can too! Yes i do because it really is alot simpler than one may think.

As long as you learn something from the money you lose in the beginning then i think you have paid for a lesson which is fine. However I don't want you to lose $1,000's of dollars like i did so i am giving you a head start in this business and just sharing what works for me.

How do i now earn? By promoting systems and products that i believe in, that's it plain and simple! Ok i have read alot of books and read alot of reports from successful people which i think is key to your future success but ask yourself what you want in life. If you have many programs to promote then i suggest you narrow it down to the ones you really believe in and select those then focus on one at a time for several days using free and cheap methods of advertising like Traffic Exchanges, Safelists and Social network videos like Youtube. You can also write a blog like this and write some articles on Ezinearticles.com.

You can start to earn very soon from now with some of my recommended products and systems on the right hand side! The information that i have given you is what i do and i get amazing results, you just need to take action now!:)