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Thursday, 21 January 2010

What are you thinking about most of the time?

Difficult thing to ask really because we get thousands of conscious and subconscious thoughts whirling around our minds continually and we can't possibly monitor them. However the predominant thoughts we get are creating the lives we live. Most of our thoughts can be changed to help us rather than hinder our success.

Make an art of thinking because every time you paint a picture of something good or bad it will probably come true in some form. It is a habit to most of us to think about certain things in certain ways but that is only your perspective of it, for example if something once happened to you like going to the airport and your flight was delayed and you felt really annoyed you might return to the airport expecting the same again. I say expecting because what we expect usually turns out to be true. Expect the best in any situation because even if it doesnt turn out exactly how we wish it will still leave you with a more positive outlook on future events.

It is easy for me to say to try and control yourself more often but i know it's hard because ingrained habits have taught you believe there is only one outcome from something. I am here to say that i am living proof that what you think about you bring about. I used to get angry with stuff or believe events being negative sometimes but once i realised that I make the rules things started to change for me.

This isnt about fluffy superstition or anything else it is simply about you creating what you actually desire in your life starting from now. Most people let fear stand in the way of their dreams and for some reason this affects their whole future decisions. You can follow your passions and really make a career out of them if you just believe. It has been said that when you see a flash of something in your mind as a dream but maybe seems out of reach, then this is your purpose here to follow. It is only what i have read but i bet you can think of something now that seems too good to be true right?

You get to choose your thoughts and feelings and reactions to life so try it out and be genuinely relational to others and give without expecting anything back and you will find that others will love what you say or act like and this will show you that how you look at the world directly affects your own future.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

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