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Thankyou for reading this and i hope you might find some value from my ideas and information. I will keep it simple and as helpful as i can. I am sharing what i know and do, that's all, and by reading this and taking action it will help you make money online and improve your success in life!:)

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Saturday, 31 October 2009

THE easiest way to earn online hands down check it!

Ok now we have all heard about so called simple ways to actually earn and let's face it we have all been let down by over hyped over promised crappy systems right! So let's throw those to one side right now and get real. First off people have become slightly immune to the b.s that is flying around so without further ado i want to share this with you right now. I have been using this system for a little over 8 months now and have found it to be quite simply THE easiest way to earn online and it keeps getting better.

You may of heard of this and you even may be promoting this. Have you heard of Tissa Godavitarne's Acme People Search? Well this offers you $125 just for signing up no quibbles then you get 8 streams of income inside the system including your very own unique people search site and by the way this is a HUGE NICHE today and also Gloal Domains International (GDI) and GVO the latest monster system endorsed by all the top leaders,Wealthy Affiliate University should you choose to join makes it simply a power house of integrity based lifelong income streams.

This is a smorgasboard of amazing programs which you can promote straight away. Now there is a fee of $29.95 per month after the first month BUT you will get this back and then some with the income you will get just by promoting your unique link. So actually it will cost you nothing and you will possess a monster business and monster income.

If you know anyone who wants to start an online business now then get them to join you once you join!:) GET IN NOW an start earning my friend this is a no brainer!:)

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

How to Drive MASSIVE Free Traffic to Any Website Or Squeezepage

This is really easy once you understand how to join it all together. Let me explain. There are many ways of getting free traffic to your main site, and the beauty is that you can connect them all together so that they all lead to your site. Let's take Twitter for example. Twitter leads back to your Blog which leads to your Youtube videos which leads to your articles. They can all connect to lead someone to a page where you have your offer or ideally your opt-in page. Why is this important? Well because once you capture their details you can then send them a ton of other offers etc.

Let's go back to the free stuff for now. If you are totally new to this then you will want to set up accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, blogger and join ezinearticles.com. Once you have done this then you need to build a relationship through stories you can tell about your chosen main subject. So if you want to get people to join your online business tell them how you got into it. You need to connect on an emotional level and then filter that into all of these free sources.

Once you begin to see the power of this you can easily create a ton of free traffic to your primary offer. So first of all set yourself up free accounts with all of the above sites that i named, and then become competent in each area and ensure that they all tie into eachother. Now you have your foundation to becoming your own unique brand where people can relate to you and they can compare themselves to you in some way so as to build your reputation and your e-mail list in an autoresponder.

This may take some time to become not only competent but reasonably professional in, however you are focusing on what your story is and how it got you where you now are. It doesn't really matter how successful you are right now but build a picture of yourself as a real person so as to connect. Can you see how this will get you a ton of free traffic?

The key thing here is to be yourself and just simply share with others the things you have been through to get you where you are now. People buy from people online not from a business unless it is a well established company which you probably can name right now:).

Ok so now is the time for you to begin your quest for greatness and you now have the foundation to do this for free. Start right now by joining these sites.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

3 Simple Ways to Secure Your Success Online

Simply Skillset, action and self belief are the three key ingredients to securing your success online. Why? Well let's start with Skillset. You have to know what you are doing in any area to be a success would you agree? If you were learning to become a racing driver would you just get into this ultra powerful car and drive off without some lessons from experts? Of course not right! So you must be prepared to learn what you want to be good in. With regards to the Home Business Niche you need to know many areas and be competent in those areas to be fully effective across the board. What can you do now to begin this journey?

Well I started following the Experts of course the guys who are actually making big money. See how they operate with regards to Writing e-mails, Marketing their offer, the appearance of their webpage and content within that page. Look at the fact that they use autoresponders to get return custom and build their list and the way they keep in touch with their customers with plenty of value and lot's more products to sell you. They will have a frontend product maybe something free like a report and after that they might offer you a membership to an exclusive club or a more expensive product. The Backend product might be $1900 or at least alot more than the first two. Can you see the idea here? So get good at what they are good at in all the relevant areas starting with the free and cheap ways of marketing for example. Don't get overwhelmed here just begin to learn one thing at a time.

Ok next is action. Now you and I both know that all the theory or knowledge in the world is useless without action. There is no secret to this magical component. Just get going on something that you can begin today. You may have a job already or you may have just lost a job so depending on what time you have with your day you need to put some time aside to start. The problem most people ever face is just that 'getting started'. Like i said there is no magic pill here just begin and as you learn and make some mistakes you gradually find yourself on course as things start to make more sense. Taking action is probably the single most important ingredient because many of the greats of our time have just begun on the most important task at hand to go on their voyage of discovery. So now you have read about Skillset and you know where you are going to begin with your successful online business now you can actually begin alright!;)

The last ingredient i am talking about here is self belief. Throughout time a great deal of amazing things have been discovered by pioneers of their field but also by people who just had the courage to believe. Having self belief is the in-tangible but essential key ingredient to accomplishing anything. Without this you could have the skills and take the action but if you say i may never get there then you may as well quit. I don't like to quit on something i believe in so maybe you shouldn't either. If you have a burning desire to follow your passion who's right is it to take that away from you? Only you can fail because of you. Once you realise you are 100% responsible for your thoughts and actions then you know that you can believe and achieve it. Sometimes it takes a bit of practice to get there like any new habit but why not let go of an old habit that doesn't serve you and replace it with this one?

Hopefully you now have a new skill to learn in your mind and now you have to take action coupled with self belief. I hand the torch over to you now but remember this, once the torch burns out there is no turning back my friend.