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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Are you using Organic Traffic to get exposure?

What is organic traffic you say? Well it's simple, it just means that you are using free and low cost traffic like Facebook, MySpace,Squidoo,Youtube etc, etc. Basicly the fact that you are using these sites mean it's natural forms of marketing so it's low cost and you probably already have an account with them as a social media site. The main thing is that you are trying to position yourself as an expert within your sites so as to attract others to work or buy from you. This doesn't mean plastering Affiliate links all over your sites but rather the opposite really. You see when you simply and honestly present YOU as the BRAND then people can see that you are not trying to force the next best opportunity down their throat. It is importnat therefore to be involved in a system or business that you actually believe in right! Right because then you have a passion for the products and then you can sit back with confidence that they will actually come to you instead of you chasing them (much easier I can tell you!:).

First of all sign up for accounts with all the major social media sites then present yourself as a business professional within your chosen niche or affiliate service. This is so simple because you just have to be yourself here sharing what you do. I said SHARING not SELLING! Big difference there. This is not overnight traffic but do you want your business to be here now and gone tomorrow? Of course not so if you are in this for the long-haul then you must realise that this process is organic and will take a bit of time to grow.

If you are struggling right now in whatever you are doing then change the outlook and stop thinking about the $ signs. Think about others and what they want REALLY WANT. They don't want another sales pitch right NO NO NO! They want a REAL person who will be trustworthy and honest so they will HUNT YOU DOWN for your valuable information.

YOU are the brand YOU are what they want YOU are the reason they will buy. YOU have to realise this and to start giving in order to receive.

Want to know more about this? Then check out some of the Social media sites and copy what I do. I only speak the truth and what I am sharing is what has helped me so I am not selling here notice.

Get to work people!:) Make it the best day of the rest of your life.

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