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Friday, 26 June 2009

Making Mistakes is good don't feel bad about it!

The only way we can learn in life is by making mistakes and sometimes looking stupid! That is ok because how else are we gonna learn how to do things? The problem with society is that we are afraid to take risks because we might look foolish. I can tell you i have made many and people have laughed at me too but do you think i care? No not at all because i know that first off i have the courage to try new things and step out of my comfort zone and secondly the more mistakes i make the closer i get to success, make sense?

Just remember that when we were small we made plenty of mistakes and sometimes we just brushed it off and tried again and other times someone might of said 'oh that was silly' but we survived and got on with life, it is no different now we can try things and feel good about it. We must not let the past experiences of mistakes and failures dominate our adult life.

Do something today that you have been putting off for fear of looking stupid. If it is something which can improve your life then what is there to fear really?

There are many things in life that we don't do and then we get old and regret things, but i am just saying you can try things and if it doesnt work then you are no worse off than before you attempted it right! Life is for living not existing. Try something new today and see what happens!:)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Are you totally LOST, FED UP with B>S or FALSE PROMISES of online wealth?

If you are any of these then i can understand exactly where you are. I have lost money been lied to and given false hope of overnight riches! Sound familiar? Well there is alot of hype out there and i am passionate about helping others steer clear of the crap quite frankly. In our current climate things are tight and people are in alot of fear. This is not good because there is plenty around for everyone it's just discovering how to find it. I want you to know that i am not only an honest trustworthy normal guy but i care about your future.

This is not some joke or nor do i want anything from you so don't worry. What i do want however is to help you to learn how to make money one step at a time. You need to gain a good skillset in the area in which you want to make money. I have found that positive thinking alone is not enough so you must be prepared to learnand take action. That is the first thing but i am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be really hard at all either.

What i am prepared to do is answer any questions you might have to the best of my ability and if don't know the answer i will try and find it (well i will learn more aswell right!) What i want to do is to be a good listener to you and i will point you in the direction of someone who knows what i don't if i can't find the answer!:)

I want you to have a good future online simple.

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Monday, 1 June 2009

Self DevelopmentCREATES>Self knowledgeCREATES>Self Worth=YOUR VALUE

What does this mean? It means that If you invest in yourself you will create your unique value to bring to the world market place which in turn will give you anything you want! This means you can create all the abundance you have ever dreamed of FACT ask any truly successful person!

So start working on the things above and you will find that your value is not only great but has always been in YOU! Do you get this? It is really simple isn't it!

Figure out what area you are great in and you can then start to work on improving your area of purpose, and then you will find a magic thing starts to happen. Don't allow others to take your potential away instead focus on what truly matters to you. I think you know already what that is! Am I right?

Take this information and start moving towards what you know is at your core. Your value to bring to the world is unique to you! It's only by serving others in some way will we find we will be truly happy in our lives. Get to work and notice who you really are! Your past does not equal your future so start creating the future you actually want.

Today is the day you can begin to unleash your true potential!:)

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