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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

List Building and Ad Tracking! Are you doing it yet?

First off it is important to know that you can be very successful by promoting other peoples products! In-fact if you don't need all of the hassel of trying to produce and launching your own products then that is fine but it is still very important to know where all of your efforts are going if you are an Affiliate. This is where Hitsconnect comes in because it will keep tabs on how many hits you get through which ever type of advertising you are using, so you know what is actually working and what isn't! If you decide to start promoting your own stuff however then List building and giving away reports or e-books to build that list is vital and it is also vital to tie in that customer for future products and services so you want them to buy/join you so start an autresoresponder campaign today. The neat thing with these products is that you can earn with them aswell just by promoting your unique affiliate link when you join!

Hitsconnect Tracks your ads for you so you know where your efforts are coming from. Have you heard of the Pareto principle? This Italian chap Mr Pareto coined the 80/20 rule. What he discovered in the 1800's is that 20% of all your efforts get 80% of all of your results. So you need to know where your 20% of marketing is effective right!:) I can't stress enough the importance of knowing where you are being effective because it will save you money, time, and your hair (if you have any!:() Alot of people quit because they get no results but why quit when you can just manage an monitor what you do?

Hitsconnect Takes the guesswork out Tracking your Ads!

Two top autoresponder services which are vital to growing your online empire. Basicly you want to maintain your relationship with your customers where you can build trust and they come back again and again. The best way to do this is to get an autoresponder so that you can keep sending an E-mail series to them thus keeping their custom. Think about it like this! If you buy some groceries and the shop wants you to come back again they keep offering you discounts and value on their quality goods right! It's just the same. Keep them coming back by offering them free e-books, reports and free advice.

The best part is that all of these services have numerous articles and training tips inside so even if you don't know anything about where to begin then you can ask them questions by sending tickets to admin and reading as much as you can in the sites.:)

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Aweber Autoresponder service and Affiliate program

All the knowledge in the world is useless without? (This Also Includes Niche ideas and Newbie tutorials!)

Applying it of course!

Do i need to write anything more about it? Well it's true because we all know people who know stuff but unless they have actual tangible results of what they know then it means nothing. Why is this important? Simply because which ever business you are in, you need to apply what you know and stand and watch the results of your work. Ask any of the successful few. They know that applying the knowledge is where the results come from. Take action on what you know.

If you want to start to improve yourself (which is a good place to start for most of us!) then you want to clearly learn as much as you can across your life span and implement those values actions and principles. Without applying the knowledge it is like having a Ferrari with no fuel. In theory it looks like it could do the job but without the correct intake of fuel and starting the engine what use is it? Put in the correct fuel and drive the car!

Taking the internet as another example. There are so many new things happening online that it changes on a daily basis with Web 1.0 web 2.0 web 3.0 and a load of other new and amazing improvements occuring it's enough to make your head spin. So i would suggest that you take an area where you need to become more competent and focus on that area with the goal of applying what you have learned.

Important thing is ensure what you learn is relevant for where you want the rewards. You can learn a whole load of stuff but it might not be relevant today. Start focusing today on what is really important to your growth in the area you have chosen. Another thing worth knowing is that you can outsource alot of your business efforts to professionals which can be very efficient to your time. If you would rather focus on A then give B to the expert. You just need to know where you can accomplish tasks and where you would be better off saving alot of time heartache and wasted money by passing it to an expert.

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