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Saturday, 17 October 2009

How to Drive MASSIVE Free Traffic to Any Website Or Squeezepage

This is really easy once you understand how to join it all together. Let me explain. There are many ways of getting free traffic to your main site, and the beauty is that you can connect them all together so that they all lead to your site. Let's take Twitter for example. Twitter leads back to your Blog which leads to your Youtube videos which leads to your articles. They can all connect to lead someone to a page where you have your offer or ideally your opt-in page. Why is this important? Well because once you capture their details you can then send them a ton of other offers etc.

Let's go back to the free stuff for now. If you are totally new to this then you will want to set up accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, blogger and join ezinearticles.com. Once you have done this then you need to build a relationship through stories you can tell about your chosen main subject. So if you want to get people to join your online business tell them how you got into it. You need to connect on an emotional level and then filter that into all of these free sources.

Once you begin to see the power of this you can easily create a ton of free traffic to your primary offer. So first of all set yourself up free accounts with all of the above sites that i named, and then become competent in each area and ensure that they all tie into eachother. Now you have your foundation to becoming your own unique brand where people can relate to you and they can compare themselves to you in some way so as to build your reputation and your e-mail list in an autoresponder.

This may take some time to become not only competent but reasonably professional in, however you are focusing on what your story is and how it got you where you now are. It doesn't really matter how successful you are right now but build a picture of yourself as a real person so as to connect. Can you see how this will get you a ton of free traffic?

The key thing here is to be yourself and just simply share with others the things you have been through to get you where you are now. People buy from people online not from a business unless it is a well established company which you probably can name right now:).

Ok so now is the time for you to begin your quest for greatness and you now have the foundation to do this for free. Start right now by joining these sites.

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